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Ferrari Daytona 365 GTS/4 1971

Ferrari Daytona 71 AKA Ferrari 365 GTS/4

This soft top Ferrari Daytona with its 4.4L Tipo 251 engine came to us for restoration including full strip down, service and re-colour – the original dark green to light metallic blue.

ferrari-daytona-stripped-2We stripped the Ferrari down to the bare minimum first to assist the bodyshop with respraying. This also allows to concurrently work on restoring and servicing the Ferrari engine and gearbox, whilst the paint work is being done.

Upholstery and panels removed and sent to be reupholstered and reconditioned. You can just see the drive shaft and the boxing to the transaxle gearbox. The gearbox on a Ferrari Daytona is at the rear and incorporates the differential.

ferrari-daytona-front-suspension ferrari-daytona-interior